Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Arcadian Child Signs to Rogue Wave Records, the New Psychedelic/Garage Imprint of Ripple Music for World Wide Deal

Ripple Music is thrilled to announce the signing of European Psychedelic/garage rock band, Arcadian Child, to it's newest imprint Rogue Wave Records!

Arcadian Child were formed in Limassol, Cyprus, in 2013. Psyched, potent and intoxicating, they deliver daunting guitar-orientated psychedelia blended with ambient elements, hallucinogenic patterns and cathartic outbursts. With sounds rivaling the squealing sirens of the Mediterranean up to the dark bellows of the West, Arcadian Child convey their psychedelic ritual in their jam-filled live shows where they spread their hypnotic vibrations. Their debut album, “Afterglow” originally self-released on bandcamp the 29th of October, 2017, was widely acclaimed and received compelling support from the international psych/fuzz scene.

Now Ripple Music is thrilled to welcome the lads to Rogue Wave Records, the new imprint of Ripple designed to focus on psychedelic/garage rock.  Bringing a new sense of melody and dynamics to the rock that Ripple is already world-famous for, Rogue Wave Records hit the scene 2017 with two releases, the Top 10 Album of Year "Pop Guilt" by Australian legendary garage/noise poppers, Screamfeeder, and "Come Down from the Mountain" by fellow Aussies , Sacred Shrines.

Of signing to Rogue Wave Records, Arcadian Child said, "We are stoked to announce that we signed with Rogue Wave Records, the psychedelic/garage imprint of the mighty Ripple Music. We feel blessed to join the Ripple Music family, and be part of the umbrella that hosts bands we love such as The Flying Eyes and Mothership and have “Afterglow” released on a limited edition 12’ vinyl and digipak in the summer. We are currently working on a concept album inspired by the hermetic philosophy, contemporary stimulants and challenges which is to be released later in 2018 by Rogue Wave Records. This is our attempt in decoding today's challenges after taking a deep dive into our subconscious."

"Afterglow" will be available world-wide on vinyl, CD and digital, and available via the complete distribution network of Ripple Music, as well as the Rogue Wave Bandcamp and Webstore pages.  Follow Rogue Wave Records on Facebook to learn all about the latest in psychedelic/garage rock.

Look for "Afterglow" to hit the streets late this spring.  Then let you mind run wild.

The Band
Panayiotis I.G – Vocals, Guitars
Stathis Hadjicharalambous– Guitars
Andreas Kerveros – Bass, Backing Vocals
Christos Dimou – Drums

Arcadian Child Facebook / bandcamp

Monday, January 22, 2018

Andrew Reed - If All The World Were Right

Artists International Inc

The new album from Andrew Reed has thirteen tracks, and is a blend of rock, Americana and new classic rock. Musicians contributing to the album include: Trevor Walker and Rob Geisler on bass; Aaron Price on keyboards and piano; Courtney Hodges on backing vocals; Paul Babelay on percussion; Alex Bradley on trumpet; Joseph Dowdy on saxophone; Kyle Snuffer on trombone; Kara Poorbaugh on viola; Franklin Keel on cello; and Andrew Reed on guitars.

“Sailed Away” is a pleasant mellow track that reminds me of some of the acoustic British bands in the mid ‘80s with the gentle sounds and swaying beat of the music. The song has a lovely quality that makes you fall in love with it. “Cure My Mind” is another great song that has beautiful guitar playing and the organ is fantastic in the song, giving it so much depth. The band is tight, has emotion and plays so well that you will just want to listen to the songs over and over again. The album has that mid ‘80s British vibe that I miss and they really took me for loop because I was not expecting that at all. “Life In The City,” “If All the World Were Right,” and “Open Road,” were a few more songs that really grabbed me. “Sailed Away (Reprise)” is a little different than the previous version, but still holds up as a fantastic song. It’s a little slower, more dramatic, and just fantastic. The album ends with “All the World is Right (Poem)” which is really a poem being recited with piano and strings accompanying , and it totally works as a great close to an album that just kept on giving the listener great songs.

The album doesn’t exceed expectations, it completely blew them away and made for an experience that you will want to bring back to your ears as soon as you can. This shows that you can have heartfelt, expressive songs and not bore the listener, you astound them.

-Rick Ecker

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Two New Ripple Releases and the Biggest SXSW Party of the Year!

Huge News!!  Come join us at the first ever Official Ripple Music SXSW Showcase!!  Features some of Ripple's best and biggest bands and an amazing guest appearance by Geof O'Keefe (Pentagram/Bedemon), exclusive merch, an exclusive CD, new album release shows and more surprises. Come one come all, tickets can be bought at the door without a SXSW Badge.
Two new releases coming at you this week!  First is the amazing new album by Hungary's finest, Ozone Mama.  The boys have already won two equivalents of the Grammy for best rock albums in their home country and are now poised to make noise throughout the World.  Combining stoner fuzz, hard rock intensity, and Southern Rock flair into one amazing amalgam of heavy rock.   Limited Edition vinyl limited to 100 pressed.  Black vinyl, CD's and Digital available too.  Goes on sale 1/19 (pre-orders open now) at 7am PST at www.ripple-music.bigcartel.com/products.  People will be talking about this one.
And Don't forget Witchcryer! A supergroup of sorts made up of members of Earthen Grave, Las Cruces and more, According to The Sludgelord, "The riffs are infectious, the grooves hit you right in the gut and their well written songs are accentuated by climatic dynamics and impassioned performances by all members of the band. Witchcryer have created something really quite special on “Cry Witch”, a debut surely worthy of addition to the doom metal cannon." You don't want to miss this one.  On sale same day as Ozone Mama!  www.ripple-music.bigcartel.com/products.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bandcamp Bonanza – Ten

Hope you all enjoyed the best of the year lists submitted earlier this month. Now that madness is over, we’ll just go ahead and get right back into the goods. Its not going to end anytime soon and I hope you don’t mind. All you gotta do is sit back, relax and wait for Saturday when Bandcamp Bonanza hits the net. Or you could follow along with me over at bandcamp directly and stay up to date with everything that crosses my path. Either way, we bring you ten albums that made an impression recently in 2018 Camp with another highly anticipated kick off to a new year in bonanza absurdity.

Troll Teeth – Boiled Alive
Troll Teeth emit an extremely catchy output of heavy rock. I was expecting something more punk oriented based on that album art, which is really cool, and was delighted with the warmth of the fuzz and psych tinged grooves within.

Foot - Buffalo
Foot trample us with an extremely heavy bisonic groove. The vocal melodies delve into Layne Stayley territory with a harmonious landscape throughout, including spacious riffs, progressive twists and turns and a penchant for methodical, precise head bangage.

3rd Trip – Scale of Confusion
Man, these guys are a trip. 3rd Trip lays down a sonic barrage of Herculean riffs exploding with psychedelic force and cosmic atmosphere both lyrically and vocally. For fans of Black Space Riders, Craneium, and that ilk.

Tusmørkejuvel – Tusmørkejuvel
That fuzz tone is undeniably catchy. I could easily handle a second helping of these fat riffs.

Slomind - Metamorphoseon
Metamorphoseon throttles us with hard charging melodic hooks, infectious chorus lines, ripped and serrated vocals with a nostalgic radio geared groove. Can’t deny Slomind’s charm on this new outing.

Sugarfoot – The Santa Ana
Tom Petty worship under the California sun-baked sky, these sweet foot compadres ride in with text book Cosmic Americana and I am thankful for discovering this on another peer’s end of the year list. So killer. Entire discography on vinyl ordered.

Weedpecker – III
This album will go down as one of the year’s best albums splitting the ranks of labelmates Elder, who charted the best of the best in 2017. Highly expansive, meditative at times, and heavy without being noisy. III progresses on from what II left us hanging with. An album to get lost within, chill out to, and more or less accept for what it is. A compelling work of art both sonically, and texturally.

Bark – Year of the Dog
There is something about this one that wore itself out in my wishlist. The vocals are sultry and wry, the atmosphere is haunting and bone-chilling. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of one of my bandcamp favorites from Champaign, Illinois, Neoga Blacksmith with its tones and eclectic grooves, or it’s the combination of male/female (husband/wife) vocals and dynamic song structure ranging from lo-fi punk to dark Americana, but either way I need to buy this as its worn its welcome of free streams in my wishlist.

Blue Dream – Volume Won
At ‘Name your price’ at bandcamp, Volume Won is a no-brainer. Coining themselves as ‘Heavy Psychedelic Space Funk’, the Chicago based rockers have proved that it’s possible to sound fresh and clean while dabbling in both stoner rock, blues, and even funk. It’s an impressive sound and a welcomed progression from the DEMO which put them on my radar a couple years back. They are for real and Volume Won is great bang for your buck.

King Buffalo – Repeater
Repeater is a repeater in terms of quality, I had to go there. The 3-song EP and first release since their stunning album Orion, back in 2016, exceeds all expectations your typical 3-sng EP. Clocking in at around 25 minutes, the band manage to fill up an entire disc of wax with mind-numbing psych and texture rich grooves. An extension of Orion and a welcoming return for what seemed like ages. Apparently, their live shows are to die for.

-The Huntsman

Friday, January 19, 2018

Dead Cross - Self-Titled

Instructions on the proper behavior when confronted by a member of the Church Of The Motherf***ers:

1) Take a deep breath.  Take two.  You'll need them.

2) Regardless of who speaks first, the church member will always begin by stating that Bela Lugosi's Dead.  Do not be alarmed.  This event transpired long ago and is irrelevant information.

3) VERY IMPORTANT!  Hearing the acolyte speak will trigger your gag reflex.  Fight the urge to vomit.  It is what they want.  If you are unsuccessful in preventing the expulsion of vomit see 3a below.

3a) DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE accept the church disciple's offer of his/her shillelagh.  These objects contain no spiritual healing properties as they would have you believe.  The fiend's goal is to judiciously apply his club to your head rendering you unconscious.

4) At this point the church adherent will inform you that it is his/her sacred duty to escort you to the nearest Obedience School.  There you will be taught all the tenets of the Church Of The Motherf***ers.  Refuse to accompany him/her.

5) Inevitably the zealot will present you with a 'Seizure And Desist' order.  This document is designed to look like an arrest warrant or subpoena.  You may accept this paperwork if you wish.  Unlike the offer of the shillelagh, no violence will be brought about from your acceptance of this non-binding document.

6) The church member will once again try to convince you that you must accompany him/her to Obedience School.  The most effective method of refusal is to inform the acolyte, using these exact words, that "the Future has been canceled".

7) Veteran partisans will cut their losses at this point and move on.  The less experienced devotees will likely become visibly upset and yell the phrase "grave slave" at you, believing this to be an insult that will anger you.  Show no emotion.

8) Unfortunately these people are idiopathic.  You can't help them.  What you can do is end the unwanted conversation once and for all by informing the church member that everything they believe in is divine filth.

Well done!  You won't be hearing from that person again.

Good day waveriders!  Today I have the equivalent of a slam dunk recommendation.  I'm supremely confident that many of you reading this know about and are already fans of uber-vocalist Mike Patton.  Well, wouldn't you know it?  He's part of new group called Dead Cross and they recently released their self-titled debut album.

After listening to the album multiple times I was extremely surprised to find out that Mike Patton was not the original vocalist for the band.  Dead Cross is the brainchild of Dave Lombardo of Slayer fame, Justin Pearson, and Mike Crain of Retox.  The group initially formed with Gabe Serbian from The Locust as their singer.  After the self-titled record had been recorded the group decided not to release it and asked Mr. Patton if he would like to front the band.  He accepted and proceeded to record all new vocals over the same instrumental tracks. 

So what does Dead Cross sound like you ask?  Extrapolating off the resumes of each member this is unsurprisingly an absurdly aggressive album.  The music is best described as crossover thrash but there is some variety on offer.  Some tracks like "Idiopathic" and "Shillelagh" lean heavily on the hardcore punk sound, while others like "Divine Filth" and "The Future Has Been Cancelled" fall more in line with thrash metal.  Of course there are a couple of screwball experiments thrown in for good measure as well like the Bauhaus cover "Bela Lugosi's Dead".  The resultant album is flat out awesome!

Waveriders if you require an adrenaline shot of musical aggression in your diet look no further than the self-titled debut album from Dead Cross.  The propulsive mix of hardcore punk and thrash metal sounds vital and the vocal versatility provided by Mike Patton makes the proceedings significantly more interesting.  Don't think about it.  Just buy your copy today.


Thursday, January 18, 2018


Stoner metal band MR. PLOW have signed with Ripple Music. The influential music label will release the band's new album Maintain Radio Silence on vinyl, CD and digital formats this summer.

Label founder Todd Severin commented  "I've been a huge fan of Mr Plow since their early days and I personally have all their albums in my collection, so it was a no-brainer to ask the lads to join the Ripple family. The new album is better than anything I've ever heard from them before and will definitely open up new ears and eyes in the stoner/doom community."

Bassist Greg Green also commented "I think I can speak for the entire band when I say that we're super pumped about signing with Ripple. Ripple is the only label that we ever talked about working with once we decided that this album needs more exposure than we could ever hope to give it releasing it on our own. And we're in good company--the entire Ripple roster rocks."

About Mr. Plow:

Mr. Plow formed in 1997 when Kyuss and Fu Manchu were blowing out speakers in car systems across the land. When the term “stonerrock” was joining the lexicon for music writers who needed a category for riff-based rock that was tuned down and turned up.

The band were influenced heavily by the times, but sought a different direction lyrically--instead of dark and evil, they went for pop-culture references and hooky riffs. Mr. Plow was way less about skulls and satanic imagery, and way more about good times that would be the soundtrack for summer trips to the beach or skatepark.

Mr. Plow is:

Justin Waggoner: guitar/vocals
Jeremy Stone: guitar/vocals
Greg Green: bass
Cory Cousins: drums

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Pale Grey Lore – Self-Titled
Michael Miller – Guitar/Vocals, Adam Miller – Drums, Donovan Johnson – Bass,
Xander Roseberry - Guitar

The Conjuration strange ethereal guitars heavy beats and driving riffs along with some searing lead guitar and good vocals.  Life in The Hive a catchy heavy riff excellent beat and rumbling bass with some psychedelic vocals get ready to trip along.  Black Sun Rise lean back and slide into space and time with some excellent Sabbath style lead guitar and slow driving rhythms.  Spiders guitar feedback that just rumbles thru your body along with a very strong bass and drums beat.  She Radiates starts with a tribal beat and grinding guitars that just slowly pull you down into the abyss.  Ruins has a catchy riff and some 60 late 70s style of psychedelic music and vocals.  Woe Betide Us slow plodding heavy metal to just take your mind off your troubles for a few minutes.  Tell The Masters has a slight offbeat tempo and strange sounds of wind blowing and excellent lead.  Grave Future fist pumping hard rock to just jam away to.

The Re-Stoned -  Chronoclasm
LLya Lipkin - Guitar/Samples/Bass, Vladimir Kislykov- Bass

The Sirens Of Titan a strong heavy melodic beat and guitar riff with some excellent lead work.  Human Without Body lots of feeling with a blues based style and some great slide work.  Save Me Under The Emerald Grass heartfelt acoustic guitar with some excellent foot tapping music to just drift along with.  Psychedelic Soya Barbeque fist pumping head banging slow and driving get ready to rumble.  Oc44 great acoustic guitar that just grabs ahold of your very soul then a lead that just pierces you.  Chronoclasm swirling synths great beats and a slid riff that just takes you on a h=journey far away.  Quartz Crystals more guitar that just garbs ahold of you sit back close your eyes and trip away. 

Sinoptik – Standalone Syndrome
Dmitriy Afanasiev – Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals, Dmitriy Sakir – Bass, Victor Gerchev – Drums

Standalone Syndrome is a prog rock metal song with lots of different textures it has a great riff and vocals that are influenced by Geddy Lee.

Stunted – Fault
Alex Petralia  - Vocals/Guitar/Drum Machine/Bass, Eagret Hansen – Guitar, Gabe Simmons – Drums, Marisela Guizar – Saxophone

Displays(Pride) weird strange sounds surround you with a punk new wave psychedelia feel.  Crave(Lust) has more of an industrial feel with lots of machinery sounds.  Loaded(Gluttony) machine style beats rumbling bass and weird sounds and overdriven vocals make up this song.  Green(Greed) rumbling bass and a click track that slowly builds with the rest of the instruments.  Evil Eye(Envy) drum machines weird keys overdriven guitar and bass for a cacophony of sounds.  Wrath more of a punk industrial feel with lots of overdriven everything.  Slug(Sloth) slow plodding and evil trying to take you down to the abyss.

The Pocket Gods – 100X30 The Future Of Music
Mark Lee , Noel Story, Simon Herries, Scott Ottawat, Bill Johnson and Guests

All of the songs on here are 30 seconds long and there are one hundred songs in all.  A strange almost improvised jazz meets improvised prog style this is very eclectic and not for most people.

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